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6 Best Veggie Burgers in NYC

Burgers will never be boring and nobody gets tired of them. Are good news, for those who avoid meat, cheese, eggs, etc., that there are places that prepare in a veggie way this National food. That’s why we look for some and we suggest you visit them. Keep reading!

Las hamburguesas nunca serán aburridas y nadie se cansa de ellas. Y para los que evitan productos origen animal, como la carne, queso, huevo, etc., son buenas noticias que existan lugares que se esmeren en preparar las versiones vegetarianas de este suculento bocadillo. Buscamos algunos y te proponemos que los visites.

Chickpea & Olive

From Chickpea & Olive Instagram

One of the most popular veggie restaurants in Brooklyn has 3 types of burgers that are 100% healthy, as well as having different ingredients of vegetable origin, they are gluten free. Choose if you want to accompany them carrot, lettuce or spicy pickles.

Uno de los restaurantes veggies preferidos en Brooklyn tiene 3 hamburguesas que son %100 saludables, pues además de que cada una posee ingredientes de origen vegetal distintos, son libres de gluten. Elige si quieres acompañarlos zanahoria, lechuga o pepinillos picantes.

Marty’s V Burger

From Marty’s V Burger Instagram

Marty’s is a spot that remains in trend because it focuses on fast food is kept in balance with the integration of healthy foods. All in accordance with what a New Yorker is looking for. There are 5 types of burgers (from $7 to $11), which can be integrated into up to 12 combos (from $10 to $14).

Marty’s es un sitio que se mantiene en tendencia, pues se enfoca en que la fast food se mantenga en balance con la integración de alimentos saludables. Todo en concordancia de lo que busca un neoyorquino. Son 5 tipos de hamburguesas (de los $7 a los $11), que puedes integrar en hasta 12 combos (de $10 a $14).


From Champs Diner Instagram


CHAMPS is a 100% vegan & 100% Brooklynite spot. Salads, hot dogs, pancakes, sandwiches, bowls, 6 types of burgers are part of menu. The spicy and extra spicy ingredients, as well as the vegan cheeses and meats, will delight you.

CHAMPS es un restaurante 100% vegano y 100% brooklynita. Ensaladas, perros calientes, pancakes, sandwiches, bowls, 6 tipos de  hamburguesas son parte de su menú. Los ingredientes picantes y extra picantes, así como los quesos y carnes veganas, te encantarán.

Superiority Burger

From Superiority Burger Instagram

If you visit this amazing place in East Village, you should know that you will find seven types of delicious vegetarian and vegan burgers, whose prices range from $6 to $9, and ingredients include sunflower seeds, cauliflower, eggplant, tofu, all organic.

Si visitas este popular lugar en East Village, debes saber que te encontrarás con siete tipos de deliciosas hamburguesas vegetarianas y veganas, cuyos precios van de los $6 a los $9, e ingredientes incluyen semillas de girasol, coliflor, berenjena, tofu, todo orgánico.

Pure Ktchn

From Pure Ktchn Instagram

Here you find tasty falafels, salads, sushi, tartans, and two types of vegetarian burgers in which the main ingredients are sweet potato, hummus, pesto (rainbow burger) portobello, sesame, quinoa and guacamole (vegan guac burger).

Además de deliciosos falafels, ensaladas, sushi y tartanes, en Pure Ktchn encontrarás dos tipos de hamburguesas vegetarianas en las que los ingredientes básicos son camote, humus, pesto (rainbow burger) portobello, sésamo, quinoa y guacamole (vegan guac burger).

Unami Burger

From Unami Burger Instagram

The “impossible” burgers are only possible at Unami Burger. Why impossible? Because its ingredients are 100% vegetable and not a gram of meat or dairy. The 3 “impossible” are The Impossible Classic, The Impossible VBQ, and the Impossible Trufflemaker. Visit them at Brookfield Place.

Las hamburguesas “imposibles” sólo son posibles en Unami Burger. ¿Por qué imposibles? Porque sus ingredientes son 100% de origen vegetal y ni un gramo de carne o lácteo. Las 3 “imposibles” son: The Impossible Classic, The Impossible VBQ, y the Impossible Trufflemaker. Visítalos en Brookfield Place.


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Written by Laude Carmina from New Time Marketing.

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